sweet eats: sweet revenge, new york city

Call me a creature of habit. Label me dull, but once I find a perfect spot it’s hard to let it go. When I was in my twenties a friend of mine and I made it our practice to comb the Time Out New York dining listings and visit 3-5 new hotspots a week. And while this experience was somewhat of a culinary adventure, I often encountered mediocre, overpriced food and am ambience destroyed by thumping bass and women who preen. Since then, I’m pretty particular about where I’ll spend my hard-earned money (I often prefer to entertain at home), but when I slipped into Sweet Revenge, on a lark, I fell rapturously in love.

Remember the classic show Cheers, the place where everyone knew your name? Sweet Revenge reminds me of this, with it’s small, yet inviting space that is doused in natural light. A simple menu grounded in sweet cupcake concoctions, you’ll fawn over the farm-fresh eggs, the homemade praline granola and the sandwiches that are delicately dressed and filled with full-on stuffings. Sweet Revenge is all about simple, good eats, and it’s free of the pretention of newfangled West Village menus. Here you’ll find homemade cupcakes made with the finest of ingredients, sweet breads and gigantic cookies, as well as a host of hot dishes that are full of comfort and flavor. Most Saturdays you’ll find me and my dear friend, Persia, sweating from spin class, feasting on granola, eggs and oatmeal.

So if you’re looking for a sweet place to park and want to chow down on some fab food, I highly recommend Sweet Revenge.

Homemade Praline Granola @ Sweet Revenge, NYC
french sandwich
french sandwich
"Dirty" Cupcake @ Sweet Revenge, New York City
sweet revenge cupcake

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