if this be a home: a home transformation, in progress

Until this year it never dawned on me that I should make my house into a home. I come from a lineage of nomads, and home was simply a place where mail was forwarded. For years I moved from apartment to apartment, had movers on speed dial, and only cared that my books were properly kept and stored. As a child I never lived in a house, never felt the glee of padding up and down a flight of stairs, yet as an adult I’ve been craving roots. Of rooms with pictures festooned on the walls. Of a place where one lives.

So for the past few months I’ve been collaborating with the lovely and amazing Christine White, who has slowly transformed my house into a home. Until now my apartment was filled with heartbreaking leftovers — detritus from old, dead relationships — and rash acquisitions. Over time, and with Christine’s sage counsel, I’ve purchased the bluest of couches, the softest of rugs, and a collection of minimal furniture. Distressed oaks, white bookcases, serene grey cotton curtains — I’ve cultivated a palette of dreamy blues, serene creams and enveloping greys. Within the past few months I’ve scanned and stored images of covet-worthy homes on Pinterest, vigorously debated ottoman vs. second chair, and have found myself so far beyond my comfort zone that it actually feels good. It feels good because I finally care. I finally want to come home after an exhausting day at the office to a home that is welcoming, comforting and unabashedly me.

I don’t like clutter or chaos, so it’s been a challenge finding pieces that gave me comfort but also inspire creativity. Complex patterns give me vertigo, the concept of modern or strange angles sends me packing — I tend to cleave to decor that is minimal and simple. But I’ve found, with Christine’s help, excitement with accessories. You can’t see it from the snaps below, but my vases, pictures, throw pillows, lamps, and a mirror painted a high gloss navy, will imbue my space with a little whimsy. My walls will be covered with illustrated book covers from my dear friend, Summer Pierre, and photos of friends and food I adore. My bookcases will be stocked with only the books I’ve read and love, and my passion for baking and entertaining will find its way into each room through cookbooks, photos, clippings, decorative jugs and the like. It may not be Elle Decor, but it’s me. And I love it.

Watch this space as I’ll start to reveal my home’s transformation, and I’ll also feature in-store snaps from my upcoming Target and Home Depot shopping trips and commentary from the lovely Chris on how she pulled it all together. In the interim, check out my purchases, to date, and get inspired!

  • Two Drawer Coffee Table
  • Lift Top Storage Bench
  • Loring Sofa in Blue
  • Elaine Accent Chair
  • Pure White 3-Bookshelf
  • High-Neck Vase
  • Alpaca Throw in Grey
  • Blue Throw Pillows
  • Roman Vase
  • Recycled Glass Jugs
  • Rivulets Bedding in Cobalt
  • Siene Ottoman
  • And…I’m thinking about scoring this for my deck: Ikea Table + 6 Chairs
  • IMG_4777.CR2

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