switching it up at the office with a kale salad bar!

photo (18)
Two days ago I felt myself suffering in Chicago O’Hare’s airport. From ongoing storms to flight delays, spending any amount of time in a crowded airport brings on a bout of misery that only the damned could understand. So as I found myself attached to a power cord and plowing through work deliverables, I started chatting with one of my health-conscious colleagues and we came up with the idea of a salad bar for the office. Because what does one do when they have SEVEN POUNDS OF KALE? Bring it in! Share the kale joy!

Yesterday, we piloted our program and it was a complete and utter success. We invited our coworkers to bring a “fixin'” and around noon we all crowded around our makeshift bar and started assembling our salads. Not only did folks get to use what was lodged in their pantry, they had a healthy lunch on the cheap.

And most importantly, people from other groups started chatting and connecting.

So if you’re looking to infuse a little kale into your office environment, or you just want to consider healthier options, consider a DIY salad potluck.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Chen.

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