when you’re desperate for a lazy weekend in connecticut

After what felt like an Odyssean week, rife with back-to-back conference calls, meetings and a slew of important decisions to make, I want nothing more than to lie in the grass and feast on cherries. So when my oldest and dearest friend invited me for a long, leisurely weekend of berry picking, grilling and frolicking in her new outdoor pool, I packed a bag, penned an email to my colleagues and booked a sister for my SOPHIE. In a few short hours I will leave the office to cruise on Amtrak to end up three hours away from the city…and I CANNOT WAIT!

Much like Kris of Young, Married Chic, I would never set foot in someone’s home without a gift. Whether I’m in my home and or a guest in someone else’s, I am the perennial entertainer. A few weeks ago a friend was in my neighborhood and asked if she could pop by for a few hours? I made her a pistachio loaf cake and brewed tea. My dearest friend invites me over for the weekend? I’m packing Barbie dolls for her little girl and something sweet for her mom.

I’ve got a few hours to kill until I hit Amtrak, so I plan on snagging a few items from Haven’s Kitchen (think Ovenly cookies, homemade granola in mason jars, mini spoons and tea) and a fat bunch of blooms.

What do you bring as a house gift? Any creative baskets? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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