no, you haven’t landed in the twilight zone!

However, you are humbly and graciously welcome in my new home, Love. Life. Eat. For nearly a decade I’ve been blogging about writing, myself, writing, myself, myself, myself, and I’ve finally decided to take the lens away from myself and focus on my passion — food and entertaining. In this new space, you’ll see video food technique, my culinary adventures (read: mishaps) in the kitchen, snaps of places that I’m loving and a look inside my apartment of which I’m finally making into a home.

Your love, support, emails and kind words over the years are what have inspired me to make this leap, and over the next few weeks I’ll be tinkering with the window dressing, getting your feedback, and trying to create my own virtual home.

4 thoughts on “no, you haven’t landed in the twilight zone!

  1. The new site looks great and I love the new name. I am an avid blog reader and have been reading your blog for quite some time. I have to say, out of all the blogs I read, you have personally evolved the most. You are so brave and smart and such an inspiration.


    1. Winnie — Thank you so much! When I look at my blog posts from five years ago it becomes clear to me how much I continue to change and grow. Evolution is such an important word in my heart and I hope to keep this trajectory going to a new and wonderful place. Thanks, as always, for reading. xo


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