home decor: a home of one’s own

There was a time when home was merely a place where my mail had been forwarded. Home was an apartment with four barren walls and no affection. Home was a place stripped of all life, a windowsill where cacti withered, a repository for castaway furniture from ruined relationships. As someone who has lived an itinerant life in the confines of New York City, I never gave thought to establishing roots. I never considered what it would feel like to settle, to leave a mark, to make a house an actual home.

Brief parenthetical: While I was in Cambodia I devoted some thought on the notion of bucket lists. I’ve always hated the term, always loathed the wretched, endless lists scrawled across so many hopeful blogs. Part of me wanted to strip down an endless list to a focused commitment to the things and people for which I feel most passionate. And as I’ve had the privileged to have so many shining lights in my life, dear friends who have quietly nudged or ferociously pushed me to places I felt too dangerous and uncertain to go, I’ve benefitted from people who see beyond what’s in front of me. People who can definitively say, THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING.

The result? I’ve committed to light the way for one of my friends. I’ve had the great joy of working with Christine White, one of the most humble, caring and stylish people I know. There’s something truly honest and authentic about her affection for how one can imbue simple beauty into their lives. Her style is playful, whimsical, delightful — always with an eye toward value. Christine is the sort of person who can pull together an outfit fashioned of Zara and H&M, but will find a way to truly make it her own. In a host of copy-cat, fame-seeking personal style bloggers, Christine is a gust of refreshing air breathing life into a home, kitchen and closet worth coveting.

Christine is gifted, and what better way to celebrate her innate talent than to PAY HER TO PURSUE HER PASSION.

I’ve challenged my former colleague and friend to help me decorate my home. Granted this is a difficult challenge as I’m a difficult, fickle person who is ALWAYS BUSY, but she’s been patient and thoughtful throughout this wonderful journey. After our intake session where she scanned my home, took measurements, inquired about color schemes and fabrics, I sent her a Pinterest board filled with homes that I adored. Minimalist, warm, luxe — I abhor clutter and seek out comfort. And did I mention that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BLUE?

And this is precisely what Chris did. She created vision boards for each room, along with floor plans and we’ve gone shopping! After seven years of deliberation, I’ve finally invested in a BLUE COUCH!

Over the next few months, you’ll see how my home will be transformed from a den of collected items to a space worth loving.

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