sweet eats: ovenly: greenpoint, brooklyn

Ovenly is the sort of place I’d open if I had money in the bank and a penchant for dealing with people like me who come in and fawn over the pastries, snap copious amounts of photographs and chat vanilla crumble crusts with the owner. Ovenly is the sort of place people dream of owning — a postage stamp of real estate that is home to domed pistachio muffins, passion iced-teas and piping-hot strawberry pie. Who can resist a pie cooling? Not me, I assure you, and I’m glad I made the ODYSSEAN trek from my home in Brooklyn to Greenpoint (ah, the G TRAIN JOYS!) — the word-of-mouth on this kitchen is that good.

From minimalist, ceramic tables and elegant iron chairs to a counter chockfull of crumbling chocolate chip cookies samples, dusted with sea salt for good measure, you’ll feel as if you’re in a home away from home — if only your home were this cool and fragrant with pastry. Although the space begs you to settle down with a newspaper, the goods are the true stars of the proverbial show. Currant rosemary scones are subtly sweet and woody, peanut butter cookies are crumbly and perfect, and the honey mustard in the cheddar scones truly delivers maximum flavor. You’ll find unexpected flavor combinations and texture plays, and you can taste the love that went into each scone, the care imbued in each cookie. The goods are golden.

Simply put Ovenly is absolutely, unequivocally, worth the trek. Check out their website for more information, and if you’re in Brooklyn make Ovenly your essential dessert visit.

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