fresh eats: freshology: the ultimate meal delivery service (day 1)

Funny how time sorts things. Last year I waged a war against a body that had softened and ballooned. A considerable amount of work stress led me to make poor decisions when it came to food, and soon a body that was toned and healthy soon morphed into a house of macaroni and cheese. Words couldn’t express how uncomfortable I felt in my own skin because I was attached to a version of myself I used to be — disciplined, focused and mindful; I felt crippled surrounded by lithe women snacking on all the foods that had become an enemy. It’s a gruesome thing to not love your body, to want to shed your own skin like an old piece of clothing. To now fear the one thing that had saved you from the dark country…was unimaginable.

When I got the shakes in 2002 it was Nigella Lawson on the Food Network that gave me something to do with my hands. When I felt raw and exposed in 2007 because I was no longer living life through an anesthetic, it was a stand mixer and a hothouse oven that gave me shelter. So how could it be that the one thing that had saved me at one point in my life could become my ruin. I refused to believe this. I refused to be a starved rabbit eater, a calorie counter, someone who pens odes on the evils of the bread basket. So after careful and exhaustive research I invested in Freshology, a meal service delivery program.


After two weeks on the program, my investment paid off. Not only did my body acclimate to eating smaller portions, but I realized that my lack of diversity was an impediment. Being on the program reminded me of my affection for the colors and flavorings of good food. Whole wheat pasta three times a day was making me sluggish, and the program allowed me to explore different food combinations and forced me to be disciplined about incorporating protein and greens AT EVERY MEAL.


Fast forward a year later, and my relationship with my body has markedly changed. No longer do I want to be the paled-down to bone version of myself from my 20s, rather I want to be strong, toned and healthy. Size no longer mattered. Fitting into skinny jeans no longer figured. Back strength, defined shoulders, flexibility became paramount. However, as I work long hours and travel quite a bit for my job, I tend to fall back into old eating habits.

Enter the Jillian Michaels’ Freshology Gold program. When the folks at Freshology reached out to me to sample the new program, gratis, I nearly SCREAMED. Believe me when I say that I would NEVER RECOMMEND ANYTHING I wouldn’t personally purchase. I believe in this program because I paid my hard-earned money on it, and not only was the food DELICIOUS (and I am DIFFICULT TO PLEASE when it comes to food. For example, I think Magnolia Bakery is overrated, at best), it was healthy.

Taking the best of Jillian Michaels’ grueling workouts (I haven’t received them in my first shipment, but I’ve done her workouts on demand and they are BRUTAL), married with fresh food full of flavor, the Gold program purports to deliver real weight loss results. And although I’m not focused on weight loss, I am mindful of bad habits, and sometimes a woman can use a reset button. So here’s me, resetting.

After the first day I’m reminded of my issue with portion control. For breakfast I had delicious whole wheat waffles with chicken apple sausage and fresh fruit (witness the CARDAMON on said peaches). And although I made it to lunch without going all ALIVE on my colleagues, I did need a little snack (low-fat frozen yoghurt) after lunch (yummy Thai basil chicken with wrappers), and I nearly wept when I realized there was NO CARB ACCOMPANIMENT with my steak dinner.

May I also remind you that I’ve only just embraced broccoli? So I needed a little sesame dressing to ride me through dinner. Ultimately, each meal was unbelievably fresh, wholesome, flavorful, free of HFCS or partially-hydrogenated oils, and the desserts, although miniature, are EPIC.

So stay tuned as I plan to show you my meals (feel free to check out ingredients and calorie counts here) and document my journey on the program.

Also, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner!

Full Disclosure: The folks at Freshology were kind enough to supply me with a seven-day meal program, gratis.


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