chow here now: central cafe: siem reap, cambodia

Truth be told, I’m typing this up as I sit, exhausted, in Siem Reap International Airport. Covered in mosquito bites, frustrated by some email exchanges this morning, worn out from an omnipresent hotel staff and drunkards shouting and throwing cards, all I want to do is go home and crawl under my covers with the SOPH. However, I’m twenty-three hours from New York so I’ve elected to comfort myself with glorious food photos — namely, my visit to Central Cafe, north of the Old Market.

A spacious, breezy space with exposed brick and large, open windows, patrons will enjoy the subdued vibe, the plentiful portions and the attentive staff. Not only is Central Cafe perfect for people watching, the food is pretty spectacular. From juicy char-grilled lemongrass chicken coated in coriander to watermelon and lime drinks to savory chicken amok, I thoroughly enjoyed every dish, which gave me a temporary reprieve from my back-to-reality stresses.

Many believe that holidays offer one the luxury of time and unmitigated quiet. Although much of my quiet was interrupted, I did have time to think and think and think…


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