chow here now: the blue pumpkin bakery: siem reap, cambodia

After a long hot day in the sun I longed for something cool and sweet, and my kind guide dropped me off at one of the best bakeries in town, The Blue Pumpkin Bakery. As you can imagine I’m very particular when it comes to baked goods, and I often find the lauded bakeries in the U.S. to be overpriced and terrible. Simply for the fact that if my version tastes better and I don’t have a storefront, the bakery is failing. However, I was supremely delighted by the quality of the sweets at Blue Pumpkin, the impeccable service, free WIFI and airconditioning.

Did I mention the delicious coconut rolls? Imagine a danish married to a cinnamon roll and you’ve got a coconut roll — light, flaky, sweet and the coconut practically melts on your tongue. Not only did I stock a bag with coconut rolls, I sampled the cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls, cereal bread with a bit of jam and pastries filled with local fruit. And not only are the desserts tasty (affordable compared to those in New York), the cold coffee with a splash of simple syrup is TO. DIE. FOR.

After two straight days at the Blue Pumpkin, I’ll definitely be back before I leave!

The Blue Pumpkin Bakery, Siem Reap
The Blue Pumpkin Bakery, Siem Reap
The Blue Pumpkin Bakery, Siem Reap

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