a foodie’s dilemma: packing for the plane!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m about to hop on a plane for a ten-day sojourn to Southeast Asia (specifically, Thailand and Cambodia). Since my first visit to Taiwan in 2006, I’ve been smitten with the flavors and textures of Asian cuisine, the melodic intonations of the language, and the rich, artistic culture. Believe me when I say that I feel privileged to visit new lands, and more importantly, indulge in, and document, a new cuisine. And although I’m excited to visit the temples of Siem Reap, especially Angkor Wat, and ride in tuk-tuks, I’m shaking with excitement for my culinary adventures.

After the nineteen hour plane ride.

Since I’m a clean eater who rarely trusts any meal confined to an air-tight pouch, airplane food tends to give me vertigo. Perhaps I was inspired by watching Anthony Perkins pack his own gourmet meal in Hannibal, but now I make it my business to pack a food kit for long stretches of travel.

Truth be told, I’m sitting at JFK as I type, eyeing a HUGE bag of food. What’s in this bag, you ask? In airtight containers, I cart a healthy mixture of raw nuts (almonds, cashews and pistachios) mixed with dried fruits (figs and cherries) and almonds covered in dark chocolate. I cart a few apples, string cheese, kale (OF WHICH I FORGOT IN THE FRIDGE!! SHAKES FISTS!!) breakfast bars, KIND bars, and some indulgences (chocolate and baked puffs). Not only do I get a nice, filling mix of protein, but I don’t feel confined to eating on a time-clock of picking at food laden with sodium and saturated fats.

Anyway, keep an eye on this space as I’ll be posting photos of my culinary and travel adventures in the coming days!!!

3 thoughts on “a foodie’s dilemma: packing for the plane!

  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure Felicia! Can’t wait to see where you’ve been and of course … what you’ve eaten. Have the time of your life exploring and certainly don’t forget to relax! 🙂


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