chow down now: grilled halumi, hummus + nuts @ sahadi’s

It started with a whisper, a minor taunt and an invitation to try the finest hummus in AMERICA. Two of my colleagues dipped carrots into a small tub of spicy hummus, making bold proclamations, talking about Sahadi’s as if it were an idol they so ardently worshipped. So I indulged my coworkers, took a swipe of hummus with a carrot and proceeded to HOWL. I wailed like a little banshee. I eat more carrots. More hummus and then ferreted away some raw almonds. At that moment, I determined thus: A WOMAN MUST MAKE A PILGRIMAGE TO SAHADI’S!!

A Middle Eastern importer and specialty shop located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, Sahadi’s offers a dizzying array of nuts, dried fruits, spices, rice, coffee, cheese and olives — the most I’ve ever seen in one room. The selection is impressive, delicious and unbelievably affordable ($4 for a pound of raw almonds! $1.99 for a 1/4 lb of freshly-ground black pepper! $4 for 1/2 lb of dried figs). What you’ll notice amidst the long lines that snake around the store, is the tremendous sense of pride in how the proprietors display their goods and educate you on the spices. Ground mustard, Chinese and Lebanese spices and rows of cumin nearly made me shake with glee. A food-lover’s paradise, you’ll fall in love with the plentiful selection and the homemade fare that can’t be beat.

I decided to forgo my requisite kale feast and opted to grill some halumi (Greek sheep’s milk cheese) in a hot, non-stick pan. Once charred, I drizzled some sundried tomato-infused olive oil, cracked pepper and added some sundried tomatoes. After grilling a multi-grain pita and slathering it with spicy hummus and raw cashews, I found myself in a state of bliss.

If there’s one proverbial monkey wrench in my BUFF BUNNY fitness plans it’s my penchant for the sweet. Part of me feels as if my cravings are chipping away at the hard hours I’ve been putting in at the gym. So here’s to stocking my desk drawers with raw nuts, dried fruits and loads of flavorful hummus!


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