eat here: il posto accanto, nyc

Il Posto: dinner Call me crazy, but I’m a creature of habit. Perhaps it’s my slight aversion to change, but once I find perfection on a plate I rarely glance elsewhere. Why question the rare jewel that is the sauteed spinach infused with a litany of Italian cheeses and plump, juicy raisins? Ever since my friend Andrea introduced me to the cozy enoteca, Il Posto Accanto in New York’s East Village, I’ve been a believer.

The quiet sibling to the bustling Il Bagatto, Accanto has come into its own with a menu of seasonal, delicious fare ranging from grilled lamb to truffled pasta to succulent meatballs. The grilled sausage to the satin linguine and shrimp pasta to the caprese, I’ve never been disappointed by Il Posto. All plates are served small-style, so you can indulge without the need for Crisco to get you out of the door. And although I’ve never sampled the wines, I’m told by all of my dinner guests that the selection and taste are first-rate.

Fresh blooms, ambient illumination, and a rustic, communal style of eating make this spot chic and aflutter with chatter, minus the snobbery.

Although the prices are a little cringe-worthy ($50-$60 meal for two), if you’re seeking an indulgent eatery or a special occasion gathering, I completely and utterly recommend one of my favorite downtown spots!

Il Posto: dinner
Il Posto: dinner

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