fab find & free books!

blueberry, black currant, lychee and mango purees – oh my! dye your sorbets teracotta. jazz up a homely sponge cake. fashion sauces for that beef tenderloin. the perfect puree of napa valley offers dozens of purees, which are perfect for at-home cocktail making to industrial kitchens.

chocolate chunk cookies - yum!got a food find? a culinary website worth following? want to share a food tip or your favorite recipe? a gadget worth having? a cookbook worth selling your clothes on ebay for? please, by all means, BRING IT ON. post your cool picks and suggestions here. my favorite three entries will snag new cookbooks/entertaining books from my collection. contest closes monday morning.

current swoon: the latest issue of bon appetit

cookbook recommendations
getting all cookbook on you

5 thoughts on “fab find & free books!

  1. I ♥ http://www.poco-cocoa.com (Food & Crafting blog)

    Daily samplings from her life in Austin, TX. Wonderful variety of recipes from gourmet to everday with some crafting and slices of her life as well. Her site he led me to oh, so many others when I first began blogging.

    (Please don’t out me on this contest because my puns. At least I didn’t use quotations marks.)


  2. Hi there! I’m actually kind of a new foodie. Until I lived with Mark I was a very UNambitious eater/cooker! I also almost never cooked except for one-pot suppers. I have only recently discovered vegetarian sushi (I KNOW!) and my new favorite new food is gnocchi! You make a tapenade of sorts with garlic, tangerine sage and some fresh thyme if you like thyme (all fresh if you have it), black pepper, a little lemon zest, muck it all together until you have a paste then you boil the gnocchi until just cooked, drain it and put it back in the pan with the paste and stir it gently and quickly until it’s all lightly covered. (I also put in a piece or two of chopped bacon or chorizo) Add some peas or beans or fresh greens of some sort – YUMMY YUM YUM YUM.

    This is a good site:http://www.101cookbooks.com/

    and I would have given you cupcakeblog if your other reader hadn’t, it’s DIVINE!!!!

    I’m coming back to follow any links you get!!


  3. Any chance to recommend my favourite cookbook always has me jumping! The Rebar cookbook was compiled by the restaurant of the same name in Victoria, B.C. (http://www.rebarmodernfood.com/). They also have a bakery which bakes up the most delicious goods ever. I think this is one of the few cookbooks in my collection that I have taken the effort to try out as many recipes possible. And, if you like to mix your own drinks, they have a great section in the back of the book dedicated to smoothies, tonics and other beverages.


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