Products, Events and Reviews
This space is incredibly personal and focused on life lived through a love of food not a home for promotional content. As such, I do not post reviews, links, or anything promotional or connected to a publicist or brand representative. Further translation: PLEASE DO NOT PITCH ME PRODUCT REVIEWS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, SWEEPSTAKES, SPONSORED POSTS, EVENTS AND THE LIKE. I only post about the things I’ve discovered on my own or through trusted friends and peers. This space is my hobby, not my business.

Advertising: I do not accept advertising, in any form, on my site. That includes banner ads, sponsored posts, paid posts, etc. This will not change, so please do not ask. This is a completely ad-free space.

Food Photography
If I look at the food photos I’ve taken since 2007, it’s pretty frightening. I started out with a simple point and shoot, and then graduated to a DSLR. All photos taken from December 2012 onward are with a Canon 5D Mark ii with a 50mm/1.4 lens. Before that, I used a Canon T3i with a 50mm/1.4 lens, with a backup 2.5 macro lens. I use a few white foam boards to reflect light. While I’m not the most adept at food photography, my advice is keep practicing. I’ve learned a lot from reading posts from David Lebovitz, Smitten Kitchen, The Faux Martha, Desserts for Breakfast, among others. I’m less interested in styling food and more fascinated by showing you exactly what it is I loved about the dish.

Guest Posts
This space is wholly my own — my voice, my food, my photographs — my not-so-private scrapbook of all the things I adore. Having someone write on this space is akin to having a stranger come in my home and host a dinner party. While I’m extremely flattered that you’d like my blog, I do not accept offers of guest posts. I will, however, occasionally post stories from friends from whom I’ve solicited work.

Novel Intentions
I don’t talk about it often, but Algonquin Books published my memoir in 2008 [HarperCollins published the paperback in 2009], The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here. While I don’t have any plans to return to that terrain, I’m in the midst of writing a new novel, Mammoth.

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