about me


Hi! I’m Felicia, and welcome to my home! Food has always been my great, epic love. From the moment I begged my mother to photograph me whisking eggs when I was ten to the day I made my first three-tier chocolate cake without splattering the walls, to the year that food was the one thing that kept my hands steady when nothing else would — I have, and always will be, in love with food.

I’m an award-winning published author (psst: my memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here was published in 2008), a proud Fordham + Columbia graduate, and, up until last year, a partner in a social media marketing and communications firm. Now, I’m a free agent {translation: consultant} who works with mid-sized agencies and billion-dollar brands–essentially, I help smart people tell great stories. I’m passionate about creativity online and off, whether I’m helping to build businesses, crafting short stories, or photographing bread loaves fresh out of the oven. While I’m a clean eater, I’ve never met a blueberry crumble muffin or a truffle macaroni and cheese I didn’t like.

Love. Life. Eat. is a celebration of all things food, life and love. From whipping whites to my favorite Brooklyn eateries to the Thai street markets to folding techniques, this space will be devoted to unique eats and tasty treats. And who knows? Maybe I’ll dish about my home along the way.

You can find me on Tumblr, Flickr, Medium, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. Please note that I do not accept pitches or requests for advertisements or product reviews of any kind. If you want to email me, please send a note to: felsull -at- gmail -dot- com.