packing for india edition

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Tomorrow I board a plane for India, and I’ve only packed one small rolling bag and two carry-ons for a two-week holiday. You might balk at this; you might talk about all the things I need to bring, but I’ve learned from countless holidays where I’ve had to lug around bags the size of boulders, there is very little I need. Luckily, the fact that the average temperature in Delhi at this time of year is 110F, my choices have pretty much been made for me.

For the next 10 days, I’ll be traveling to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Ranthambore. I’ll wake most mornings before dawn and I’ll trek to heritage sites and bengal tiger reserves, so there is little need for me to be fashionable. Yet there is a great need to travel simply and comfortably. To this end, I’ll give you a peek at what I’m packing for my trip.

Clothing + Footwear: I’ve packed seven very thin, breathable shirts, tees and draped open cardis {most of which are from Old Navy + Gap Fit}, 2 pairs of cotton and linen pants {they may look ridiculous, but they sure as hell will be comfortable} and two thin dresses {one linen, one cotton}.

Since most of my days will be spent walking, I’ve packed my sneakers + Supergas {this season I’m rocking a grey pair}.

You might ask what other accessories I’ll be bringing and the answer is: I’m not. I don’t really care how I look when I’m on holiday, rather, I care about what I’m experiencing. And it’ll also be 110F in India.

Entertainment + Brain-Food: Since I spend most of my days on the road and my evenings relaxing, editing photos, blogging and reading, I’ve carted along two books as well as a pile of magazines. Probably the most exciting news {at least for me} before I board that plane is the fact that I’ve broken the 200 page mark on my novel, Follow Me into the Dark. This book feels real and I can’t wait to work on the final section, Part III, when I’m in India.

Tech Gear: Everyone who has ever been to India grabs my arm and talk to me about color, the potency of it, the beauty of it, so I’ve rented the Canon 50mm 1.2F lens for my trip, using it with my 5D Mark II body.

Naturally, I’ve my iPhone {which I’ll only be using when I have access to free Wifi} and my MacBook Air laptop. To make life easier and ensure I don’t blow out my hotel’s power supply, I’ve purchased an adapter. Expect All. The. Pictures.

Skin Survival + Other Toiletries: Since it takes under a minute for me to burn, I’ve packed two bottles of sunscreen, which I will re-applying with every other exhale. I’ve packed my beloved Nyl Serum, which is perfect for when my skin gets slick yet is in need of moisture. All my other beauty products are sample sizes that I’ve procured from my travels. I’ve also packed wet wipes and packets of tissues.

Drugs: After four vaccine shots {tetanus, Hep A were among the four} and a regime of typhoid pills, my doctor prescribe malaria pills, as well as a battery of drugs should I get food poisoning or any other unsightly stomach situation. I’ve also packed TUMS, bandaids, Cortizone, and rubbing alcohol. And you better believe that for a seventeen hour flight, I’ve got Xanax in my carryon. No one wants to hear me scream: WE’RE GOING DOWN!

Food: A lot of my friends poke fun at me for bringing a food bag on the plane, but I don’t care. Using Ziploc bags + tupperware, I’m packing lemon roasted almonds, chocolate covered almonds, dried fruit, edamame, fresh cut veggies, oranges, and one meal, which I’ll be making in the morning. I also have loads of Kind bars and other yummy snacks, which keep me sustained in the event that the airline food is abysmal (which it usually is).

So there you have it! I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’ll be in transit the next two days so expect a batch of posts later on in the week! Wish me safe travels.

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