the best croissant in new york, possibly america


In The Lover Marguerite Duras wrote, Rather than your face as a young woman, I prefer your face as it is now. Ravaged. Such is my passion for the croissant. Friends who have witnessed my savagery, how I tear into the buttery layers of paper-thin sheets of pastry with vigor, know that my affection for the croissant is unrivaled. From the alleys of Aix en Provence, where I sent a dozen text messages rhapsodizing on my encounter with a warm croissant amandes, to the hundreds of photos I snapped of the pain aux chocolat on the sidewalks of Paris (picture me whispering, show me sexy, you croissant, you), my love for the croissant is Shakespearian.

As Sinead O’Connor once crooned, nothing compares to you!

Until today I was arrogant to believe that only the finest croissants could be found in Paris, crafted by pastry artisans. Those who appreciate the delicacy of dough, the patience in tending to it, and how nothing could possibly tender the heart more than a warm sheet of blooming down being unearthed from a hot oven. Until today I never conceived that I could find, and become violently addicted to, the finest croissant I have ever eaten. Suffice it to say, this woman is ravaged.

SMITE YOU, CROISSANTERIA! I was content to live in ignorant bliss, to settle for my $3 inferior pastry, the faux greatness that is Balthazar. To say that you’ve ruined me would be an understatement, as I know I’ll scour Paris in two weeks time trying to find a match for the greatness that is your ALMOND CROISSANT.

But I digress.

At this airy, East Village spot, you’ll find tables reminiscent of Parisian bistros and my beloved pastry in almond, chocolate, hazelnut and apricot varieties. If you’re not in the mood for croissants (how this can be, I don’t know, but one should have options), Croissanteria’s sticky buns and homemade cookies can’t be beat. And for those who are seeking savory lunch fare, you can pile on your favorite French cheeses on said croissants or on homemade baguettes. To top it all off, coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company.



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