a month without white: peanut butter banana smoothies + pesto whole wheat pasta!


When learning of my thirty-day challenge (an abstention from white flour, sugar and dairy), a co-worker of mine asked, So if you’re not baking, what will you write about on your blog??!! Several expletives were exchanged (in a jocular manner, of course!), and I finally responded that I’d write about all of the food I was too lazy or too frightened to cook. And who’s to say that I won’t bake and share the fruits of my labor with my colleagues?

Although I’m only two days into my challenge, I’ve already noticed a marked difference. Come the dreaded 4pm hour, I’m less sluggish and I don’t create the necessary cookie to push me to the end of the day. Because I consumed a larger portion of protein during the day, I had a lot more stamina and energy during my spin class last night, and I had a very rested sleep. Granted, this could all be as a result of a leisurely weekend in Connecticut, but I feel GOOD. Yesterday, I spent the day snacking on carrots, blueberries, grapes and almond kind bars, and when I came home I couldn’t WAIT to make this arugula + sundried tomato pesto I spotted on The Healthy Foodie’s blog.

But can we first discuss breakfast? Admittedly, breakfast had devolved into a multigrain bagel with butter. Now I’m obsessed with this delicious peanut butter and banana smoothie that actually keeps me full for four hours. It’s super simple:

1 banana
1 oversized tbsp of peanut butter (creamy, organic)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup almond milk
4 ice cubes

DIRECTIONS: Blitz until all ingredients are incorporated and smooth and serve!

It’s hard to believe that this is not only chockfull of protein but supremely filling. Quite honestly, I felt like I was eating dessert and I LOVED IT.

For dinner, I came home and boiled up some whole wheat pasta and served it with the sundried tomato and arugula pesto. Easy as pie:

2 cups arugula, packed
3/4 cup sundried tomatoes (I used the ones packed in olive oil)
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup walnuts
Salt/Pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS: Blitz until all ingredients are incorporated and smooth and serve!

One thing I noticed as I was eating my pasta sans grated cheese: it was DELICIOUS. I had become so accustomed to dumping cheese on everything that I was doing the thing I was always set against — masking flavor. With fresh, simple ingredients you don’t need to go heavy on the accoutrements.

So here’s to Day 2 of my adventure. So far, so yum!


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